Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb or pleated shades. These names are derived from the cellular structure of these window treatments that help trap heat or cold air. You can customize your cellular window shades with different pleat sizes, single or double cell configurations, and opacity levels ranging from sheer to blackout.

As with regular shades, cellular shades can be operated with loop cord, cordless, or cord cleat systems, all of which provide maximum safety. Motorization options are also available, allowing you to easily raise and lower the shades via remote, a wall switch, or a smart device.

Pro Covers selection of custom cellular shades is exceptional. With a passel of beautiful colours, these window treatments give a clean, fresh look to any room in your home. We are proud to source only the finest materials and shades for your custom needs. Our team works tirelessly to ensure our products are the highest quality. Your cellular window shades are guaranteed to be durable for many seasons to come.

Single Vs Double Cell

Cellular shades are a great solution for maintaining optimal temperature control in a room. The honeycomb shape creates insulating air pockets. Our cellular cells are available in single and double. Double cell shades are more appropriate for rooms with greater fluctuations in temperature and can help control the rooms ambient temperature to keep it more consistent.  

Opacity & Options

Select from a wide variety of opacities and options. Our team will certainly help guide you through this process based on your vision and the design of your unique space. Options include: sheer, semi sheer, semi opaque and opaque. Sheer cellular shades are best for room brightening and letting in the maximum amount of light. Cellular opaque are best for true room darkening and great for home theaters or spaces that require minimum light exposure. The cellular shade options are available in top down or bottom up and can be installed corded, cordless or motorized. 

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