Dual Shades

Dual Shades

Embrace the new and the unusual! Dual shades create a striking contemporary look with their innovative design and give you great flexibility for controlling privacy and light. At Pro Covers, our selection of dual window shades is unparalleled. We have a wide assortment of colours, fabrics, and patterns so you can create the exact dual shades that will transform your home.

Full Control & Customization

- Full brightness control

- Alternating bands create sleek ultra modern look

- Pro Covers offers a wide variety of textures and fabrics

Make a Statement

Dual shades make a major visual statement while emphasizing, not hiding, the sleek lines and minimalist décor of a modern space. Designers often use them for larger windows or to create a sense of depth in a room. They also work well in spaces, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, where greater privacy is often desired. Pro Covers' professional team can assess whether or not dual shades complement your room and meet your design goals.

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