Motorized Blinds

Cutting Edge Convenience 

Motorization provides homeowners with a hassle free way to control the blinds throughout their home. Pair your motorized blinds with smart home devices to achieve maximum efficiency, set them to auto adjust throughout the day and control motor function with your voice. Alternatively you can control your blinds with remotes or wall switches. 

Reliable Safety 

Keep children and pets safe with cord free motorized blinds. While corded injuries are quite rare why not completely eliminate the chance of anything happening to beloved children and pets while simultaneously having an extremely convenient and cool motorized function!

Added Value to Your Home

Smart home technology trends are on the rise and are becoming much more desirable as technology continues to push the boundaries. Install blinds that integrate into the central intelligence hub of your home and add it to a repertoire of many other functions such as smart light control, oven control, dishwasher control and washer and dryer control. Speak to a member of our team to learn about smart home blind integrations. 

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